Google Ranking Factor 2023

7 Google Ranking Factors You Need To Prioritize in 2023

Google is the most famous and powerful search engine globally. When we try to improve our position on Google using SEO, we’re mainly talking about what Google looks for, rather than what Bing, Yahoo, or others do. This is why it’s really crucial to know how to make your stuff show up at the very top when people search on Google for things related to what you offer.

But honestly, it’s not simple. Google thinks about more than 200 things when deciding who should be on top. Still, some of these things matter more. These are the things that have stayed important, even as Google changed how it ranks websites. Some of them are even more important now than they were before. Following are the important google ranking factors 2023

1. Content Quality

One of the top things you should focus on to get a good spot on Google is having really good content. In simple words, this means your content should be new, special, and useful for people searching. If your stuff can help someone a lot, Google will put it higher in the search results. Google checks if your content is special and not copied from somewhere else. It also wants your information to be recent and fresh, so people get the right answers.

2. Keyword Optimization

Classic SEO techniques like finding the right keywords and using them smartly are still really useful for making your content show up high on Google. Some things which you can try.

  • Write Catchy Descriptions: Create interesting short descriptions that tell people what your page is about.
  • Use Special Keywords: Pick special keywords that help Google understand what your stuff is about.
  • Link the Right Way: Make sure the words you use for links inside your content and from other sites are good.
  • Put Keywords in Headings: Use the keywords in the titles of different sections on your page.
  • Keywords in the Web Address: Include keywords in the web address (URL) of your page.
  • Don’t Overdo Keywords: But don’t repeat keywords too much – that’s not good and makes your content sound strange. Just write normally.

Google Ranking Factor 2023

3. Website Structure/Navigability

Google’s computer brain is really smart – it can look at your website and tell if it’s good or not. So, you should think about making your website easy and nice for people who visit. Imagine you’re a new person on your website.

Can you easily find everything you want? Are the menus and buttons simple to see so you can move around? Can you find a way to talk to the site owner, find a certain page, or read their blog? If any of these things are hard for you, then it’s time to redo your website. You want to make it better so everyone who comes to your site can easily find things and have a nice time.

4. Backlink Quality

Backlinks are like little roads that go from other websites to yours, and they really matter for how Google ranks your site. Chances are, your stuff on the internet has links on other sites that lead back to yours. It could be a link in your social media profile or on Google Maps, other websites that you work with, or places where people talk about you online. But not all these links are the same. If the place linking to you is a really good and trustworthy site, it’s like a bonus for your site’s Google ranking.

Ranking Factor in SEO

Try to get links from good sites like business directories, review websites, and Google map listings. Also, from time to time, check if any of these links are going to pages that aren’t there anymore. If you change a page’s web address and it had good links, make sure those links still work by setting up redirects or asking the other sites to update them.

5. Mobile Usability

More than half of the people who use the internet are doing it from their mobile phones. Because of this, your website has to work well on mobiles too. Google has been looking at this for some years now when they decide how to rank websites. You don’t need a fancy mobile-only design, but your website should be able to change and look good on any size of screen.

Try to learn a bit about how websites should be made, and test your stuff by looking at it on your own mobile phone. Check if the pages load quickly, if you can read everything, and if you can easily touch buttons and links with your finger. If this sounds too tricky, you can ask someone who knows about websites to help you, like a consultant or a web design company.

SEO Ranking Factor 2023

6. Page Load Speed

How quickly your website pages show up is really important for Google to decide how good your site is. If your pages load super fast, Google thinks they are better and ranks them higher. This matters because most people don’t like waiting for pages to load for a long time. Google cares about this because it affects how people feel when they use a site.

You don’t have to worry about being faster than all other pages. You just need to make sure your pages don’t take too long to load, usually less than half a second. You can easily check how fast your pages load using tools like GTmetrix, and it’s free to use.

7. Website Security

Remember to make your website safe too, especially by using something called HTTPS. This way, the information between your site and users is always protected, so no one can steal personal stuff. To do this, you can get something called SSL certification for your site. Once you have it, people will see a little lock icon in the address bar and they’ll trust your site more.

Also, check that the links on your site go to secure places. Google checks these links, and you don’t want to send users to risky websites. Website safety is a big deal for people using your site, and it’s really important for Google when they decide how good your site is.

Ranking Factor in SEO

Wrapping Up

When you’re making a new webpage or making your existing content better, these 7 things are the most important to think about. If you pay attention to these factors while you’re planning, making, and sharing your content, your pages have a better chance of showing up at the very top of Google’s search results. At webDot Nine, We offer unbeatable digital marketing services and provide all the essential solutions to help our clients grow.

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